• Plants and Trees of Village Point

  • State Champion Trees at Village Point Preserve

    Each of the fifty states has a program to locate and identify the largest trees of each species that occur within their borders. In Alabama, that program is The Alabama Champion Tree Program. Over the years seven tree species have been identified and declared state champions in the Village Point Preserve. Of these, three have fallen or been displaced by larger specimens elsewhere in Alabama.

    More Alabama State Champion Trees have been designated in the Village Point Preserve than in any other municipal, county or state park in Alabama. Here is a list of the champion trees, former and current, in the park. Current champions are marked by an asterisk (*).

    Bluff Oak, Quercus austrinum * (Rare species)
    Darlington Oak, Quercus hemisphaerica *
    Loblolly Bay, Gordonia lasianthus (Rare species)
    Mocker Nut Hickory Carya tomentosa
    Pignut Hickory, Carya glabra *
    Scentless Bayberry, Morella inodora *
    Waxmyrtle, Morella cerifera

    Champion trees are a great way for people to connect with trees, and to learn the roles they play around our homes and in the environment. Take a walk in the Village Point Preserve today, and be sure to look up at the magnificent trees that surround you!