• Village Point Park Preserve


      The largest park in Daphne, once referred to as Jackson's Oak Park, it is an estuary for wildlife. An historic cemetery is also located on the property. 27717 Main St. Daphne, AL

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    • The Preserve

    • About

      The history and story of Village Point Park Preserve

    • The Village

      Just above Daphne, an historical village, lost to time

    • Jackson's Oak

      One of the largest and most historic live oaks in Alabama

    • D'Olive Cemetery

      Dating back to early 19th century, one of the first cemeteries in Daphne

    • Attractions

    • Tour

      Take a virtual tour of Village Point Park Preserve With Audio Kiosks

    • Photo Album

      Photos of The Park Contributed By The Public

    • Birds

      Native and Migratory Birds you might spot

    • Trees & Flora

      Native Plants Found Throughout The Park

    • The Foundation

    • About

      About The Village Point Foundation's Mission

    • Get Involved

      What you can do to help preserve Daphne's Treasure

    • Donate

      Ways you can assist financially to help us preserve this treasure for future generations

    • Board & Staff

      Meet the people who keep this wonderful place protected and accessible

    • About our park

      Treasure! An exciting word that immediately captures our interest. Visions of pirates preying on majestic sailing ships filled with gold, silver and fabulous jewels form in our minds. Then, sailing to a desert island or a fortified lair, the pirates bury their ill-gotten gains in order to safeguard them. We dream of discovering long buried or forgotten treasure that has just been waiting for some fortunate person to discover it.  

      Although colorful legends and local stories tell of the infamous pirate Jean Lafitte sailing on our bay and hiding under nearby bluffs, the treasure found in the Village Point Preserve...

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