• The Foundation


    “We are dedicated to developing in Daphne an educational and park facility that will give all citizens of our area access to beauty, the environment and the history of Mobile Bay. We are also committed to protect, preserve and enjoy the heritage for future generations to enjoy.”


    The Village Point Foundation was founded to protect, preserve and develop beautiful parklands in Daphne. Slowly, our vision is becoming a reality. The City of Daphne utilizes Daphne Bayfront Park as an area for community gatherings and celebrations. The Village Point Preserve is a passive park with nature trails, gazebos, educational kiosks, and picnic tables strategically placed so that nature and the environment is minimally disturbed.

    The City is committed to the principles of the park and has dedicated funds; however, as the community continues to grow, city infrastructure often takes precedence over parks. In October 2003, the City of Daphne entered into a 3 year purchase agreement with the landowners, the first payment of nearly $350, 000 is due October 15, 2004.

    The Village Point Foundation is working with the City to secure approximately $1 million dollars to make payments on the 11 acres of land which joined the Daphne BayFront Park to the Village Point Park Preserve. This park is now a contiguous tract of over 80 acres on the Bay!


    • Early 1994 Discussions of Establishing a Bayfront Park.
    • Late 1994 Historic and Archeological Survey perfomed on Bayfront Park site.
    • February 1995 Village Point Foundation was incorporated.
    • February 1996 Bayfront Pak was acquired (approx 6.8 acres with pavilion).
    • September 1999 Auction held to support renovations to Daphne Bayfront Park.
    • October 1999 Village Point Preserve Park was acquired (approx 51 acres).
    • January 2000 Inventory Checklist of the Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines.
    • June 2000 Six State Champion Trees awarded in Village Point Park Preserve.
    • January 2001 Phase II Archaeological Investigation at the D’Olive Plantation completed by Bonnie Gums, Center for Archaeological Studies, University of South Alabama.
    • February 2001 Begin work to establish Village Point Preserve to State Register of Historic Places.
    • June 2002 Construction of 3 talking kiosks in the park thanks to support from the M.W. Smith Foundation.
    • October 2003 City of Daphne enters into agreement to purchase remaining 11 acres which tie Village Point Preserve to Daphne Bayfront Park.
    • October 2003 Bluegrass in the Park held.
    • November 2003 Recipient of Alabama Urban Forestry Award
    • January 2014 Participated in planning and executing Invasive Exotic Plant Spieces Management Plan for the Park click to read.
    • August 2019 Participated in securing a grant to expand the boardwalk. click to read.