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    Land Purchase
    The Village Point Foundation is working with the City of Daphne to raise nearly $1 million. This land purchase was essential to the park development because it tied the Village Point Preserve to the Daphne Bayfront Park. The first payment of nearly $375,000 is due October 15, 2004, with two additional payments made yearly.

    Bayfront Park
    Plans were drawn by a landscape architect and adopted by the City of Daphne to improve the parking, develop restrooms, re-stabilize the beach area, and landscape the site. We would like to encourage the further development of this site. We believe Bayfront Park the ideal site for the “family reunion” type use. Picking up where the City left off, the bollards and lighting could be added (which would stop cars from driving straight onto the beach). Re-vegetation efforts would help stabilize the shoreline and serve as a beautification project. Outdoor restrooms and a playground were also part of this project.

    Thomas Hospital Area (Ampitheater and Fitness Trail)
    The Village Point Foundation has met with representatives from Thomas Hospital who are very excited about partnering with the City of Daphne and the Village Point Foundation to support development of the parcel bayside of their property. Maria Buesche has been developing a conceptual plan with a deck, amphitheater and fitness trail connecting to the Bayfront Site. Our belief is that this project would be very positive in the community because it ties in a large sector for use—recreation and park folks alike. Thomas Hospital has no problem providing parking for evening events at the ampitheater. We envision events like the Baldwin POPS, Fourth of July celebrations, and outdoor lecturers as just some of the many opportunities this project would support.