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Village Point Foundation Awarded Grant from Alabama Historical Commission for Historic Cemetery Preservation

Through the Alabama Historical Commission, Village Point was able to secure a grant in 2012 and execute a conservation effort to treat and repair much of the nearly two hundred years of damage caused by time, the elements and vandalism. After years of overgrowth, neglect and deterioration, we are lucky to still have this piece of history.

Currently, we are producing signs for each grave where the markers are missing or no longer legible, so visitors will be able to read the known original script. We will also be ordering another military headstone for one of the D’Olive sons who served the Confederacy.

We will be uploading some of the before and after photos of the conservation work done by the Chicora Foundation thanks to the support of the Alabama Historical Commission:

Marone D’Olive A special mild solution that targets biologicals but does not harm porous and stone materials is used for cleaning historical monuments. The precariously pitched tree downed in a storm looms in the background. The top of the tree was removed and now we will work on getting the trunk and part of the root ball out without disturbing the graves.

Louis D’Olive This one only needed a few minor repairs and a fresh whitewash of lime. This whitewashing process does not last long in our climate and needs to be done annually.

Mary Blue Mary Blue’s crypt was decimated over the years . Pieces of the original marble top with incomplete inscription were salvaged and reconstructed onto a new solid marble surface.







Village Point, Daphne, Alabama

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